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Botanica Software Labs is a leading software consulting and services company that excels in delivering high-complexity technical projects across various computer science disciplines.

Our lab houses a team of battle-tested software researchers
and developers, producing precise solutions and providing
instant consulting value.

With a broad range of technical expertise, we bring extensive
industry knowledge to every engagement.

What We Do

Our team specializes in providing customized technical solutions to software companies facing unique and difficult challenges.

We offer a range of research and development services with minimal operational and integration overhead.

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CTO Advisory

Our experienced team provide strategic planning, decision-making support, and technology implementation assistance. Our deep understanding of the software development industry helps drive informed business decisions.

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PoC Development

Converting your idea into a functional proof of concept solution through exploration, platform research, and development. Providing thorough documentation that your team can easily adopt and transform into a final product.

Schematic depiction of a security shielf over a webpage

Cybersecurity Consulting

Using our extensive knowledge and expertise in cybersecurity, we provide consulting services to clients on a variety of conceptual and technical matters.

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CTF Challenges

We produce technically demanding and engaging CTF challenges. They are frequently used at cybersecurity and blockchain conferences, as well as for training and marketing purposes.

Schematic depcition of a magnifying glass over lines of code revealing a bug

Code Audits

Our security code review services provide expert analysis to identify any vulnerabilities in your code prior to release or on an ongoing basis. Let us help you ensure the safety of your code to protect your team from breaches.

Spheric cubes connected by chains of dots

Blockchain Development

We offer various on and off-chain development services for blockchain: contracts, wallets, bridges and crawlers.


Our team is highly proficient with most contemporary
programming languages and tools including Rust, TypeScript, Golang, C++, Java, Python, Solidity, mitmproxy, and IDA Pro.


If your project involves the use of esoteric technologies in
uncommon or unfamiliar environments, we are quick to
learn and happy to rise to the occasion.


Obsolete Technologies Research

We were contracted to conduct research and reverse engineering on archival programs and obsolete technologies, such as MFC, VisualBasic, and DOS programs.
The solution we provided was a crucial factor in the success of our client's business objectives.

Our Clients
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